Zoe Fitchet

Zoe Fitchet is a wildlife conservation artist from the South of England, who uses her work to raise awareness and support for wildlife conservation projects around the world. Working in acrylic or coloured pencil, Zoe creates lifelike portraits, each piece requiring numerous tiny details and multiple layers to build up a realistic result. With the use of negative space to create focus on the subject, her wildlife pieces adopt a more contemporary look. Wildlife conservation is the main focus of Zoe’s artistic career, creating pieces of a huge variety of species and donating a portion of her sales to conservation efforts. Zoe is passionate about using her work to grab the viewers attention through subtle but eye catching artwork and inspiring others to take action to help protect the wildlife of this world. “There are so many species out there that need protection, and art is a great way to highlight the issues they face and share the beauty of the species in need. It is a huge pleasure to dedicate my career to creating artwork with this important purpose.”