Tony Forrest

Born in 1961 in the UK Tony has been painting wildlife professionally for 33 years. During his career he has visited Africa many times researching the wildlife and scenery. He has had his work displayed at prestigious galleries in the UK and USA and has donated originals in their entirety for charities such as the Tusk Trust, Born Free and Africat. Visiting Africa and India has made him very much aware of the damage people are doing to wildlife, and therefore the great and ever increasing need to protect the habitat is always on his mind. In more recent times (2022) Tony has travelled to South Africa to join Cunard cruise ships as guest speaker, demonstrating his painting skills to an audience of 200 people. Tony's art has gained in strength and popularity over the years, and he is as passionate as ever about applying his craft to the highest standard, never forgetting the environment. The animals he paints share the canvas with part of the habitat, be it a few twigs or a major part of the landscape.