Terry Berg

Terry Berg is mainly an oil painting Alberta artist who also uses acrylics to suit different projects. She lived most of her childhood on a treed acreage, where she found being around wildlife exciting and found pure joy in sketching animals. Terry is an accepted associated member of AFC (Artists for Conservation). AFC represents 500 of the worlds leading nature/wildlife artists from around the globe, and is the world's leading artist group for the environment. She donates a portion of her sales to various conservation efforts including AFC and the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center. Terry donated artwork that remains on display at the rescue center on an 8 x 12- foot wall near the entrance in Costa Rica. Her artwork is in homes and businesses including in as faraway places as France, Costa Rica, California, New York and as close as Toronto, British Columbia and throughout Alberta. She focuses primarily on nature and wildlife, and also picks up other projects for variety and fun