Sophia Chalklen

Sophia has always had a strong passion for Art ever since she was a child. She studied at Winchester school of Art where she completed her BA specialising in Textile design. Sophia always had a creative career. First as a Textiles designer, then Fine jewellery designer and then teaching art, but the fine artist in her was born out of the pandemic. During Covid, Sophia became quite sick and was unable to walk for over 6 months. It took a toll on her mental health, and she missed her walks in nature terribly. As a form of escapism, she decided to paint, and began to build up her own work as an Artist. She now works as a full-time artist selling in galleries around England. She is inspired by wildlife, nature and light and likes to add gold and silver leaf to much of her art, adding a touch of magic. Sophia creates unique, contemporary, uplifting oil paintings. Much of her art has a spiritual and ethereal element to it. Like Art, nature is an amazing form of therapy and escapism. When combining the two, Sophia is at her happiest. Sophia says, “the satisfaction of a challenging piece well done is very rewarding, but the best part is when a client connects to my artwork and the joy it continues to bring.”