Scott Mackenzie

Scott Mackenzie is a self-taught artist who has been painting most of his life. He works in all types of media. He has sold many of his pieces over the years. He enjoys capturing the details in his work to evoke that second look and capture what drew him to paint the subjects he chooses. Scott's style of painting leans towards realistic or hyperrealistic. He also paints in a looser style and gestural in his brush strokes. Scott enjoys painting wildlife the most out of all the different subject matter that inspires his work. And Why I want to do conservation: I enjoy being part of organizations that do good in this world. Animals are effected the most because they don't have a voice we can hear. We have to take notice of the changes that affect them and be the voice of change to help where we can. I have had my own ideas about ways to use my art to benefit the world. aligns with my goals and partners with artists that have the same desires.