Paschalis Dougalis

Paschalis was born in 1970, in Kozani, Greece. When he was four, he showed an artistic ability for the first time, sketching a rooster. In the following years he made numerous studies on domestic animals and human portraits. In the countryside, where he grew up, he had many opportunities to observe and study nature at close quarters. During his studies in theology at the University of Thessaloniki, Paschalis began to study and work as an icon painter. During this time he put great energy into trying to find a path of his own. The “discovery” of an English Bird Guide in 1992 was a revelation, and has influenced his life ever since. From this moment on, nature’s creatures and birds in particular dominated his artwork. In 1995, he illustrated a series of books about endangered animal species in Greece, published in many editions, and established himself as an illustrator. In 1997 he moved to Munich where he still lives and works. In his work he aims not just to portray an average sample of a species, but the individual character of the bird or animal. Besides to his illustration work he teaches workshops in Zoo Munich(Hellabrunn) and adult evening Painting classes (VHS) Publications: • Endangered Animals in Greece (6 Books, Akritas Editions, Athens 1996, 2000). • Bearded Vulture –Life Project ( University of Crete, 1998-2006, Illustrator of many Publications, Posters, Info material). • Was fliegt denn da? (Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart 2006, European Bird Guide). • Eleonora`s Falcon -ruling the Aegean skies (HOS, Athens 2008,Monograph). • European tree guide, (Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart 2011) • Der Baumfalke( Falco subbuteo) in Kärnten, Klagenfurt/Austria 2013 • German breeding Bird Atlas 2014 • Die Zwergohreule (Otus scops) in Österreich, Klagenfurt/ Austria 2015 • Naturzeit-Book Series: 6 Books (Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart 2018-2019) • Der Habichtskauz in Österreich( Strix uralensis) Klagenfurt/ Austria 2020 • European Breeding bird Atlas 2, 2020 Awards: • Bird Illustrator of the Year, twice the runner up (British Birds, 2001, 2002). • Silberner Uhu 2003, (Halberstadt, German Award for Bird artists). • 2016 Langford Press Field sketches Award Exhibitions: • „Wild in de Natuur“, Enschede, t’Kunsthuis van het Oosten (2003, 2005, 2006, 2008). • Silberner Uhu, German award for Bird artists,(2003-2019). • Festival Art et Nature FORÊTS -Bretagne/France guest of honour .Sept.2020 Projects: • ANF (Artists for Nature foundation)-Hula Valley Project in Israel, March2009 • ANF-Lad/Hedrehely, Hungary May 2019 • ANF & LIFE WOLFALPS EU Artcamp-project , Podcerkev-Slovenia , June 2022