Natalie Mascall

Natalie is a very passionate self-taught artist, born and based in Essex, UK, wildlife being her inspiration. Natalie nurtured her own technique over two decades specialising in realistic fine art, and has become renown for her realistic pastel drawings, she also uses charcoal and acrylic. Through teaching herself as a hobby whilst working in retail, Natalie begun her journey as a professional artist in 2001, and flourished, winning multiple awards over the years including 'BBC wildlife artist of the year'. Through her artwork she expresses her love for wildlife, nature, giving back wherever she can, raising awareness, supporting invaluable conservation projects and charities in various ways; including donating her artwork, fundraisers, raffles, to donating a % of the sales. In addition to her studio work, she takes on commissions such as any wildlife, pets and people portraits to birdlife and wildscapes. Wildlife has been such a huge part of her life that she cannot imagine or live in a world without wildlife; this is why she strongly believes in doing her part for conservation, to help save what has and continues to give her so much.