Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence is a British artist from Bolton in the north of England. Specialising in wildlife art created in acrylic paint on canvas. In education he was drawn towards artistic subjects. However, never truly considered a career as an artist. As such he went on to work in Design Engineering. In 2019 at the request of his wife he painted a Lion for his newly decorated house. He had always been drawn to towards wildlife art but at that point, it was something he had done little of. The painting was of a large lion with an abstract blue background. The contrast between realism and abstract was fascinating to him and has been a big part of his work ever since. “From that first painting I have had a renewed Vigor and increased focus for producing stylish and contemporary art whilst trying to develop my technical ability and unique style. Wildlife art is my main focus of work and the worthwhile causes the pieces can highlight” Michael continues to produce a range of art but will always be dedicated creating modern, eye-catching wildlife art.