Lucy Joyce

Wildlife and pet portrait artist Lucy works in pencil, pastel and acrylic paint to create life-like artworks which centre upon the living creature. Having soaked up everything art related at school, Lucy studied marketing design at university and continued in marketing in her career. She rediscovered her passion for drawing animals after having children, and the hobby quickly turned in to a full time job.Bringing together a natural flair for realistic drawing alongside a life-long fascination with the animal kingdom, Lucy explores a diverse range of wildlife, portraying the beauty and drama within her artwork.Lucy’s detailed work celebrates every inch of her subject’s characteristics, whether green turtle, African elephant or faithful dog, her artwork ‘comes to life’ on the canvas.To be able to help support wildlife, Lucy’s very inspiration, through her artwork is something she cherishes and collaborating with Africa Wildlife Art on this project is a privilege. Lucy lives in Berkshire, England with her husband, two sons and numerous pets.