Livia Gomes

Lívia Gomes is a Brazilian watercolorist who unites her love for animals and watercolor in her work. She began her journey as a self-taught artist in 2017 and has since worked primarily with watercolors of wildlife and custom pet portraits, allocating part of the proceeds for animals in need and wildlife conservation. In her free time she enjoys observing and photographing wildlife and later use these photographs as inspiration for watercolours. The artist has works in private collections across ten countries and have participated in national and international exhibitions, such as Artists for Painted Dogs (England), Fabrianno In Acquarello (Italy), and Internacional Watercolor Society (Brazil). “We often go unnoticed by the beauty of nature around us and all the animals we share the planet with. Since I´ve ‘learned’ to see it, I couldn't help but want to show everyone through my art. With my art I aim to take the diversity of nature to people’s home, and whenever possible to share the fauna of my region, while also raising awareness about vulnerable species.”