Lesley Mckenzie

Lesley has lived in the Aberdeen area all her life. Originally a graphic designer, she worked in the oil industry until deciding to 'go it alone' in 1996. Since then Lesley has developed an enthusiastic fan base who love her lifelike sculptures and striking animal portraits. As a youngster, Lesley would often find and study unfortunate road casualties and compare them with human anatomy drawings, this way she learned how the bone and muscle structures worked and was able to sketch many animals from her new found knowledge and memory. She still employs this method today explaining "It's a spontaneous way of working that suits my personality." Lesley's preferred medium is oil on canvas though she also works with acrylic and watercolour as well as creating lifelike ceramic animal sculptures. Lesley is involved with several wildlife organisations and as a trustee for Blankets for Baby Rhinos she actively contributes and fundraises personally and through the sale and donations of her artworks. Her work is available in several of Scotland's leading galleries and is collected internationally. This year Lesley was a finalist in the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year Awards 2022 with her walrus sculpture "Sunkissed", this piece has now since sold.