Francesca Possati

I am Francesca Possati, a professional realism artist based in the Uk. I have started to paint in 2017 in London as a self-taught, using art in my previous role as a mental health worker.  I have worked on commissions since then, mainly pet and people portraits. Travelling around , I have then discovered a passion for wildlife,which became the focus of my current artwork, which sells worldwide. I feel a particular connection with wildlife which I much better express with my pencil and/or paintbrush.  I love watching animals from little song birds to squirrels to big cats, i find peace in seeing them following their instinct and going on with their routine.. there is so much to learn from them and their essential role in the ecosystem we all live in. i make sure to stay around nature as much as possible and i often go to conservation zoos/wildlife park to take references for my art.  I spend many hours doing so and its my favourite thing in the world. That’s why i am commited to help conservation programs/funds, if i am able to.