Claire Heffron

I'm Claire, a wildlife artist who is completely passionate about all kinds of animals with a focus on endangered species. I enjoy mixing media to create individual, unusual and exciting artwork, which defines my unique style. My foremost goal is to help endangered, and often overlooked, animals through art and to raise awareness of their plight. I also like to use my artwork to raise important funds for animal charities and I have contributed to a number of good causes such as Coral Reef Alliance, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Belize Wildcat Foundation, Mona UK, Prints for Pangolins and Artists for Painted Dogs fundraiser event. I have achieved a number of accolades within the Wildlife Art community. In both 2019 and 2021 I was a finalist in the Explorers Against Extinction – Sketch for Survival competition. I made it as a finalist in the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020 and have recently shortlisted as a finalist, and exhibited in the 2021 SAA Artist of the Year competition. I am predominately self taught artist, but also have a BA Hons Photography and am a member of the South East Open Studios and Sussex Artists.