Chamindra de S Abeyewickreme

A hyper-real wildlife artist, purposeful on showcasing the unique beauty and wonder of the Natural world. Predominantly working on threatened or  endangered subjects he strives to help conservation, educate and create awareness for these species. An autodidact in pencil and brush, his unique detailing style is evident in his works of Art. . Born in the tropical paradise island of Sri Lanka which boast of a rich multicultural, religious and ethnic history of over two millennia, in a little urban town named Dehiwala hugging the  beautiful western coastal belt. As a little boy he experienced frequent vibrant sunset skylines and fondly recalls the many hours spent helping his grandmother in the garden who nurtured his  love for nature. Nurtured in a loving homely environment with two older siblings moulding the character who he is today. The talent and passion for drawing was evident from a very early  stage, as he vividly recalls the encouragement and guidance given by his mother together with a keen eye saw him drawing for many hours. Armed with pencil and paper he was in his element,  one with the world around. It is this love, connection and passion that drives him today. . Educated in a prestigious catholic all boy's school, St. Peter's College, Colombo (1981- 1994). His most loved subjects where Science and Art. As he climbed to the senior grades most school  mates knew him as ‘the artist’ due to his standard in the subject. Being an average all-round student a highlight of his school sports career was representing the college hockey team which won  the all Island Championship, under 13 and runners-up under 19 (1986 -1993). Concluding his school academic career he joined a local Television station as an Assistant producer of TV commer￾cials, working his way through to a senior non-linear video/film editor. . Professionally he was a highly motivated and experienced, non-linear editor, 2D & 3D graphic artist and compositor for over 20 years in varied system platforms. Attention to detail together  with a novel creative, curious outlook fuelled his passion to reach new heights. His work experience expanded internationally, one of his career milestone’s being working with Discovery  Channel. Ironically it was though these very documentaries that he learnt the alarming rate in which the wildlife and nature are being destroyed and becoming extinct. The deep rooted passion  and feeling he had towards the wild triggered to action, help rally the cause for awareness and conservation of wildlife. . As a result in 2017 he ventured into a new chapter in his professional career as a Wildlife Artist, Through countless hours of honing and learning technique which he stumbled into new realms  of talent he never knew existed. Together with this new-found knowledge, skill and passion for art he hopes to trigger a positive change in the future of our fragile world. He states that this is his  life's calling. The joy and satisfaction he encounter, bringing an empty canvas to 'Life', giving it purpose, meaning and enthusiasm is 'beyond words' he claims.