Bathmawathy is a 19 year old Self-taught Award Winning Wildlife Artist who was born in 2003 and is currently based in Coimbatore in India. She found her true passion to be a Full time artist during the Covid outbreak. She works with Oil paint, Acrylic paint, Resin, Pastels and Charcoal as she loves the unique characteristics of these mediums. In some of her paintings, she uses gold leaf over canvas as a base surface and uses oil paint to paint over the gold. She uses charcoal on canvas and sometimes combines gold leaf in her charcoal paintings. According to her, "Animals are amazing creatures that are often neglected and hunted down for their teeth, tusks, fur, meat etc. They lose their habitat because of human interference and negligence and many animals just like the magnificent polar bears lose their homes due to the global warming caused by humans. As the human population increases more and more of the animals are forced out of their habitat. I have always been fascinated by wildlife and chose to become a Wildlife artist to create awareness about these amazing beings. I paint high quality paintings which make the animals come to life on the canvas. To me, the eyes of each animal play a very important role in my paintings as it is what shows the emotion of each creature". She was selected to publish her own Google Book Art Exhibit and won the 'Gold medal Award' in the FAG International art competition. She has also won the Bronze Award in the Camelback gallery 'Into the Wild' Competition and also the 'Special Recognition Award' in the Light Space Time '11th Nature' Art Competition. Some of her other Awards include the 'Bronze Award' in the Camelback Gallery 'Amazing Animals' Art Competition and the 'Talent Prize Award' from the Art Show International 'Animal' Competition. She has also won the 'Special Merit Award' in the Light Space Time '12th Animals' Art Exhibition and won the 'Finalist Award' in the Camelback Gallery IAA (International Achievement Award) for Drawing.