Anne Thomsen

Hi! My name is Anne Thomsen and I am a conservation and animal portrait artist, currently living in Germany. I have been painting in watercolour and oil from an early age and enjoy the nuances of the individual mediums. Whether in the studio or on the road, I am always equipped with my pencils, paints and paper at the ready. Inspiration surrounds us, we only need to look. I studied art at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and Anthropology and Archaeology in the Master’s program at UWMilwaukee to fine tune my scientific illustration. I have received awards for my art, most recently “Runner Up” in 2021’s Artists for Painted Dogs exhibition. My passion for conservation and sustainability is at the heart of my art business, Studio Ngong, where I create art for sustainable products. A % of gross profits from every sale is donated to support various conservation organizations and the communities that surround. For our conservation efforts to be successful, coexistence between humans and animals must have harmony.