Anita Gordon

As a child my two favourite things were drawing and spending time with animals , and I can honestly say nothing has changed. Although I was always passionate about art, I found myself setting it aside for 30 years. When I was able to return to art in 2018 it reignited my passion and it soon became apparent that my love of and connection with animals made them my obvious subject choice. I have a love for detail in my art and that lead me to coloured pencil as my chosen medium. Living in South Africa has given me the advantage of being able to see some of our amazing wildlife and birds in thier natural habitats. This has made me even more aware of the importance of protecting them as the thought of extinction of any of these species is unimaginable. I wish to support organizations that are doing groundbreaking work in order to protect our wildlife. I feel that through my art I'm able to contribute, if only in a small way to a cause that I'm very passionate about and that's why I'm very pleased to be a part of the Africa Wildlife Art initiative.