Shipping the art is not included in the sale price. The item/items will be shipped directly from the artist. This is to mitigate damage to the art in transit. The majority of our artists are UK based, however, many are from South Afracica, Europe and the USA.

Once the art is purchased, the artist will contact you to arrange shipping and to make arrangements for the shipping payment. They are also happy to chat and answer any questions you might have.

Please take note that there may be import/export costs payable for international deliveries.

If you wish to discuss anything before purchasing art, please contact us via the live watsapp chat button or email [email protected].

Please take a photo and send to us within 48 hours of arrival at [email protected] and CC the artist.
Please email us at [email protected] with a short biography including why you wish to support conservation and at least 2 samples of your previous work. If you already have a piece of art you would like to add, please also state this and send that image as well.

AWA is owned by Invicta Wildlife Fund, which is a UK registered charity.

Charity number: SC052106

A minimum of 50% goes to our projects on the ground in Kenya and South Africa. Some artists donate 100% of their art and others 50%. Please click on our conservation tab to know more.

All of the running costs of the website, accounts, admin and general expenses is covered by the founders of this non-profit organisation.